Clock I made in 1989 for high school electronics class
Uses LEDs and 74164 shift registers. 60Hz from mains is shaped and divided by 6 then 10 to produce 10hz and 1hz signals. The 1hz signal is used to as the seconds clock. The 0 second light is used as clock for mins. The 0 mins light is used as clock for hours. The 10hz clock is connected to a button that will send extra clocks to the mins so you can set it.
It was broken for many years but recently i was inspired to fix it. (broken wires, go figure)

Back, was the first time i ever used wirewrap wire. Improved much since :) actually wrap the wire sometimes now, heh.

When first turned on content of registers is random so you get pretty patterns. There is a button to reset all lights to off, and another to light the first light in hours/mins/secs. The third is for setting it.

What is looks like in the wall, actually the flash makes it look dim, but ohh well.