Planks of Ameryka!
Music is Math, and Psychology
Album: PoA Minima   Artist: Planks of Ameryka   Year: 2004   Status: Will never be finished
  Track 1: PoA-Reasonable M9(Version 2.0beta)  
  Track 2: PoA-New Scores Of Old Tune 
  Track 3: PoA-DXM Frustration (Not a BoC rip off but whatever)
  Track %: Banquet Of Conan Music from the end of Conan The Barbar.ian
  Track f: IsaOnCoke.mp3 (also, not a BoC rip off 2001)
  Track $: E-Thear1.mp3 Thalon and me
  Track q: Layered.mp3 These next tracks q,w,e,r,t,y are all from around 1995ish mostly cakewalk/midi/8track stuff.
  Track w: tabla1.mp3 All my friends were percussion crazy about this time inspiring me to make this.
  Track e: soundtrx.mp3 This song's name comes from the Sixtrax keyboard used on it and others.
  Track r: GodLied.mp3 My friend singing to a song consiting mainly of two guitar samples, a juh, and a jzzzzzz.
  Track t: Techno.mp3 I found this .mid file on a website's bg music. Added the bass line and druming which was missing.
  Track y: oldage.mp3 Corrupted Newage. first 2 mins or so need to be deleted, get over it.
  Track z: nglobrax-beta (minimal early 80s film soundtrack style)
  Track x: one day.....  

ONTARIO, Canada (AP), a group of young adolescence adults committed suicide Monday evening, authorities said. The group, known only as “boarded”, took part in a cultish ceremony Monday morning that lead to the overdose of intoxicants that caused death in every person. Family close to the victims have claimed that the members of this group where obsessed with the underground ambient music group called “Boards of Canada”. The unusual suicide comes as a shock to friends and family. A further investigation is underway by the Ontario police........